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A Prayer for the Hurried Heart (and give-away winners)


Unrush Me


Slow my feet, Lord,

I want to walk in your ways.

Establish my stride

to the tempo of praise.


Slow my lips, Lord,

I want to speak life.

May my words spur love, 

instead of anger and strife.


Slow my hands, Lord, 

I want to embrace

the everyday miracles

wrapped in your grace.

Slow my eyes, Lord,

I want to glimpse what you see

when you gaze through the lens

of eternity.


Slow my soul, Lord,

I want life to the brim.

Invade my heart

And settle right in.


Slow my mind, Lord,

 I want to ponder your truths.

 Make Christ my best thought

 and your Spirit my muse.


Unrush me, Lord,

set me free from the flurry.

Fix what’s been broken

by my hustle and hurry.

IMG_2919Unrush me, Lord,

So when my short life is through,

the footsteps I leave

will point straight to you. 

 -Alicia Bruxvoort, August 2014 


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The Best Yes Give-Away…

Thanks to all of you who left me a comment sharing why you would love to win a copy of Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, The Best Yes. 

Yesterday, I put all nineteen names in a marvelous pink hat, and Maggie helped me to determine the winners of last week’s give-away.

I’m thrilled to announce that Sarah and Shawn will soon be receiving their very own copy of  “The Best Yes.”

(Just email me your mailing address at and I will make a happy trip to the post office this week!)

I’m grateful to Lysa and Tommy Nelson for this generous give away.

I wish I could send you all a copy of this powerful read.

Chapter by chapter, it’s changing my life.

However, here’s the good news…

You can purchase one here and change someone else’s life, too!

moreBecause, “The Best Yes” isn’t just a book.

It’s a warm blanket for a cold child.

A meal for a hungry orphan.

A way to fund mission fields around the world.

Lysa has committed to giving away the revenue from her book sales to make the name of Jesus known throughout the world.

Buying Lysa’s book is a win-win proposition.

You will be blessed and someone else will, too!

Now that sounds like a “best yes!”









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