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One Way to a Full Soul

Even before I’d met my friend, Katy McCown, face to face, I counted her as a sweet gift from the Lord. She is kind. Honest. Witty. And oh, so beautiful- inside and out. When we were finally able to meet in person and linger long over a cup of coffee, I immediately declared that Katy was my long lost twin. Never mind that she already has a twin sister for real. Or that I happen to have been born a decade before her.  I knew I’d found a kindred spirit in this truthful and radiant mama of six.  Katy understands what it’s like to have someone sit on a melted chocolate bar in her dirty mini-van or what it’s like to feel poured out and worn from the juggle of motherhood and marriage, ministry and monotony. She understands that deep longing in a woman’s soul that cries, “I was made for more!” And she understands what it’s like to live with open hands and an open heart.

Katy’s desire to help women live with overflowing souls, her selfless love for her family, and most of all, her passionate pursuit of Jesus inspires me. And I’m absolutely delighted to share the gift of my “long lost twin” with you here today. May her honest and hope-filled words meet you right where you’re at today and encourage you to run straight into the arms of your Savior. Here’s Katy…

“Women live like a cup tipped over on its side. They give and give and pour out everything they have until there’s nothing left.”

I stared out my front door, listening to the raindrops fall as I absorbed what my friend had just said. All I could think was, Nailed it!

But as we talked more, another image surfaced. The same cup, but this time not empty at all. This time it’s upright and full. So full, the goodness inside breaks the rim and spills over, covering everything it touches.

“That’s what we’re going for,” my friend said. “That’s what God wants.”

On a side note, I imagine my cup in this little exercise full of coffee … But really, all too often I feel like the first cup. Empty – or at least on my last drop.

I want to love more, do more and give more, but eventually I run dry.

Then I read a verse like this one in John and wonder, What am I missing?

“The one who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him.” John 7:38 (HCSB)

Streams of living water … Moving, rushing out from the depths of my soul … and I don’t know whether to end that sentence with a period or a question mark. Because could that really be a statement of fact? Surely that’s reserved for only a few people, in a much slower season of life.

But that’s not what Jesus says. No, Jesus says these streams of living water flowing deep from within are available to anyone who believes in Him.

If we believe in Jesus, yet still feel like a cup tipped over on the table …

Maybe we just need to unclog the stream.

I’m well acquainted with the struggle to stop and fill up the gas tank in my car. It pains me to pause, but eventually it puts me in a pickle. I’m desperate to fill up and there’s not always a station in sight. So I’m left sweating it out.

I find my soul tank isn’t much different. I always think I can go further only to find myself on the last drop, anxious for a moment to pull over and fill up.

In the hustle and bustle it can be hard to find these soul stops, so I want to share with you three things I’ve found that help me keep my soul tank full.

  1. Look for short stops. Some days start full speed ahead and before you know it the day comes to a close and everything is a blur. One way I keep my focus on God and His plans even on the busiest days is to set aside 3-5 minutes throughout the day to literally drop to my knees and talk to God. It redirects my worry and frees me up to keep my thoughts on Him even in the midst of chaos.
  2. Pay attention. So often I feel like God sends me encouragement, I just don’t stop long enough to notice it. As you set your soul on the mission to fill up and stay filled, ask God to get your attention. Then look for Him at work in the simplest ways – a text from a friend at just the right time, a song in your heart and you don’t know what made you think of it, or a giggle with your kiddo that refreshes your spirit.
  3. Set limits. Pick a time your distractions begin and tell them when they end. During those hours do the phone thing and computer thing and every other thing that you pour your soul into, but when those hours tick to an end, shut it down. Determine to save time at the end of your day or beginning of your day (or better yet both!) for nothing other than soul-filling time with your Savior.

It’s important to note not all fuel is good fuel. Our souls rely on one fuel source and that is fellowship with God through His Son Jesus. Any substitute may take us a few miles further on our journey, but it will not last and could even cause damage.

Your Life: Simplified

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I’d love to share this journey with you as together we learn to simplify our lives and live focused on God’s glory and purposes.

Katy McCown is a writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries, wife to NFL quarterback, Luke McCown, and mom to 6 energetic (sometimes wild) kids. Katy left her job as a television news reporter to join Luke on their adventure in the National Football League.  Twelve years, 6 kids and 5 teams later, it’s safe to say the road has been anything but predictable.


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