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The Mom Initiative: Why Every Mom Needs to Know She’s Being Watched

being-watched-1Several summers ago, my salsa jar sprouted eyes.

The googly kind, of course. So did my milk jug, tissue boxes, egg carton and toothpaste tubes.

Don’t worry, those wobbly watchers didn’t leave me frightened or flabbergasted. After all, the strange surveillance gig was my idea.

I’m the one who dug through a box of craft supplies early one morning and located a stash of googly eyes. I’m the one who snuck through the house with a glue gun and attached those wobbly watchers to anything I could find.

I didn’t add a pair of eyes to the salsa jar because I wanted to play a prank on my family or because I had too much time on my hands at 6 a.m. No, I raided the plastic peepers because I was tired of forgetting.

I was tired of reading my Bible in the morning and going about my day as if God’s promises had no impact on my hours. 

I was tired of forgetting that God’s Word is active and alive (Hebrews 4:12). I was tired of relying on my own strength, instead of banking on His.

So, when I’d read 2 Chronicles 16:9 at the crack of dawn, I wanted to remember that glorious truth.

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him…”

I needed to pin that promise to my soul and let it shine hope in the midst of my weariness.

I needed to remember that when the toddler was crying and the tween was nagging and my young ones were fighting over the last cracker in the box.

That’s why my salsa jar sprouted eyes…

I’m over at The Mom Initiative today sharing about the summer I filled my house with google eyes. My kids thought I’d lost my mind, but actually those wiggly watchers gave me a fresh and fabulous peace of mind.

Because there’s comfort in knowing you are being WATCHED by the ONE who longs to give you strength.

I hope you’ll hop on over here and read the rest of my story.

Of course, be warned– when you’re done, you may just want to run out and buy a package of GOOGLY EYES!



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