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The M.O.M. Initiative: Big Hope When Life Feels Small

big-hope-862x647Before I brought home my first baby bundled in wrinkles and wails, I imagined that being a mom would make my life feel BIG.

I assumed that being handed the huge responsibility of partnering with God to shape a life and grow a child would feel important and fulfilling. Not boring and mundane.

I imagined that my days with little ones beneath my feet would feel purposeful and poignant. Not draining and discouraging.

I never envisioned that a life filled with small people could feel so….small.

If you’ve ever changed a dozen diapers in a day, paced the floor with a crying baby,  dug through the garbage can looking for that missing Lego piece or stuck your tongue out at the laundry baskets towering in the corner, then I’m guessing you’re nodding your head in agreement with me right now.  You know how motherhood grows you and shrinks you all at the same time, how this big job can feel beautiful and boring all at once.

And maybe, like me, you could use some honest encouragement right there in the middle of your little ol’ life.

So, before you run one more errand or tame one more toddler tantrum; before you wipe another dirty face or dirty bottom or dirty dish,  I hope you’ll join me over at The M.O.M. Initiative where I’m telling a small tale packed with BIG HOPE.

‘Cause everyone of us needs a HUGE reminder that sometimes the small things are a big deal after all. 

I’ll meet you there-



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