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Why Every Marriage Needs a Good Fighter

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Over at Encouragement for Today , I’m sharing about how God used a wise widow to turn this floundering wife into a warrior!

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  They spent the lazy days of summer building a secret kingdom in the woods.

They chopped and hauled, created and imagined, and together they designed a refuge where their stories came to life beneath a canopy of emerald green.

They were were pioneers and explorers, artisans and travelers, and their extraordinary tales stretched across the canvas of an ordinary July.


Sometimes when the melody of their laughter seeped through the open windows as I washed the dinner dishes, I found myself wishing I could  lasso time with those old frayed ropes that hung like dingy curtains from the gnarled branches beyond the trees. And, now and then, when the sky birthed the orange of sunset and the dish water morphed from blue to brown, I’d grab my shoes and follow that path into the woods where whimsy reigned queen and imagination ran free…

“Let’s pretend that these stones are really diamonds…”

“And these big boards are super strong walls for our house…”

“And let’s say that that big branch is our watch tower.”

“Yeah! We’ll take turns sitting up there and looking for bad guys…”

“‘Cause we have to work together to protect our treasure…”IMG_5596


And so it went–creating and playing, dreaming and defending– until one fitful August day when those siblings who had worked together to build a dominion of delight decided to stage an epic battle between the trees.

They whittled slender swords from lifeless sticks and carved bulging bows from fallen branches.

They sculpted arrows and shaped shields, gathered pine cone grenades and collected acorn bullets.

They divided alliances and formed teams; devised combat plans and scripted strategies.

All except for one.


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Why Gravel Might be the Secret to Lasting Love

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Today, over at Proverbs 31 Ministries, I’m talking about how easy it is to let the busy-ness of life invade our marriages and quench our intimacy.  If you haven’t read my devotion, “When You Get Lost Without Ever Leaving Home” you can find it here.  

I’ve been married to my high-school sweetheart for twenty-one years, and I know first hand how hard it is keep a marriage aflame.  I’m no expert on this topic. In fact, on some days, I’m still fighting to find my way “home,” but  I have a Heavenly Father who longs for my marriage to thrive. And He dreams the same for you.  So, by His grace, I’ll keep learning and loving and celebrating the breath-taking gift of “ordinary life” along the way.

The good news is that we, as believers in Jesus, don’t have to struggle through alone.  I’d love to pray for your marriage. Just leave me a comment at the end of this post and let me know how I can best cover your union in prayer.

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We were perched on the rim of a red-rocked mountain when I remembered the gravel.

We’d taken a rare outing, just the two of us. We’d left all five kids behind with Grandma and Grandpa and had boarded a plane bound for far from home.  

And truth be told, I’d been reluctant to leave.


I hadn’t been afraid to fly or anxious about relinquishing my children into another’s hands.

I hadn’t felt  uneasy about our destination or worried about what would happen on the home front while I was gone.

I’d just been numb. Too tired to feel. Too weary to dream. 

And despite the fact that the man carrying my luggage had tenderly carried my heart for twenty years, on the day we left for our get-away, I’d felt like I was boarding the plane with a stranger. 

Life had taken a toll on our love.

Industry had eroded our intimacy.

And the realization of just how disconnected my husband and I had become had left me feeling lost and lonely.

There were countless reasons for the growing gap between us—

Five kids in ten years and a thousand sleepless nights in between; a demanding medical practice that filled my husband’s hours, the never-ending mountains of laundry and constant clamor of needs that filled mine.

The grueling task of shaping little hearts and guiding little hands; the late nights of homework-helping and baby-rocking; the noise of life, the monotony of life, the exhaustion of life…

I could rationalize the gulch between our souls; I just couldn’t figure out how to bridge it. 


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