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The Mom Initiative: The Stretch Marks Nobody Told Me About

 stretch-marks-214x300-1No one told me about the stretch marks that come after the baby is born. 

Oh, I’d been amply warned of the blemishes that accompany pregnancy.

As my stomach bulged and grew, I gleaned wisdom from toddler-toting survivors who had once surrendered to jeans with extra panels and bellybutton hugging underwear.

I read every tattered page of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

And I hailed the marvels of marvels of Udder Cream and the wonders of vitamin E. 

I moisturized.

And exercised.

And tried to imagine what my midsection would look like when the babe tucked beneath my heart was finally placed in my arms.

But what I didn’t know seventeen years ago, as I slathered Udder Cream across my midsection and prayed that my tensile tummy would one day fit back into normal jeans, was that the battle scars that motherhood left on my skin would never rival the stretch marks on my soul. 

In time, my stomach would recover a semblance of its original shape, but my heart never would. 

I’m over at the Mom Initiative today chatting about those stretch marks no one talks about…

And I’d love to share my secret prescription with you.

Ya know, my Udder Cream for the soul.

Click here to pop over to the MOM Initiative.

I’ll meet you there!



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