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The Mom Initiative: For the Mom Who Feels Like She’s Losing Her Marbles

Back when I was a mom of two tiny ones, I vowed that I would never be that woman who whittled away the years just waiting for the day her last baby would go to kindergarten.

Of course, at the time, I had no idea then just how difficult it would be to keep that vow.

I didn’t realize then that some days the sheer monotony of motherhood can stretch a mama’s sanity and challenge her contentedness to the core.
marblesOr that the ENORMOUS responsibility of caring for small ones day in and day out can make a woman’s life feel discouragingly small.

I didn’t know yet then that the weight of the daily grind can weigh heavy on the eyes, that a mama who loves her children can still grow blind to the sheer gift of their presence.

I didn’t realize when I made that vow that the only way to hang on to my joy when the days grow long and my passion wanes quiet is to cling to God’s word regardless of my feelings. 

But seventeen years with preschoolers underfoot taught me a thing or two about joy, and today, I’m over at The Mom The M.O.M. Initiative with a story to encourage any mom out there who feels like she’s losing her marbles in the messy mundane.

Hope you’ll join me there for a slurp of marble soup and a hearty dose of encouragement for these long winter days.

Can’t wait to see you–


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