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The M.O.M. Initiative: Why We All Need Some Margin in the Madness


I heard it crackling from the grocery store speakers this morning as I hurried through the tinseled aisles–that old song crooning about “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

And, to be honest, I sighed a bit as I hummed along. ‘Cause the truth about the holidays is this—sometimes the hurry and flurry of the season can zap the wonder right out of me.

You, too?

But that’s not how I want to celebrate my Savior’s birth.
I want to savor the joy of the season.

Hold the holy and still the hurry.

I want to douse the flurry and fan the flame of awe as I remember the greatest gift ever given on a holy night long ago.
I want to see Jesus in the faces that I pass and refuse to miss the miracle in the madness.

So, as I packed my bags in the trunk of the van this morning, I took a deep breath and asked God to slow my feet. And I paused to remember the lesson I learned long ago from a little boy who had discovered the secret to savoring the wonder during this most wonderful time of the year.

But that secret’s not really a secret. ‘Cause I’m sharing it over at The Mom Initiative today.

Hope you’ll step away from the holiday hustle for a moment and  join me there!


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