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The M.O.M. Initiative: Raising Sweet Smelling Boys (and Praying One Another Through)


 I was sniffing men’s deodorant when our eyes met.

Her grocery cart was piled high with diapers and baby wipes, and the toddler in the front seat was pulling tissues from her purse and shredding them into tiny scraps of homemade confetti. But she was too busy staring at me to notice her little one’s antics.

I don’t blame her for gawking.  After all, it’s not every day that you spy a forty-year-old woman sniffing pit protection in aisle twelve.

It’s crazy what a mom will do for her kids.

I’m not sure what made me think of that awkward moment today.

Maybe it was the way my firstborn flashed me a sleepy smile reminiscent of his little boy grin as he came up the stairs this morning.

Or perhaps it was the blue-capped stick of deodorant that was sticking out of the gym bag lying on the laundry room floor.

But for whatever reason, the unexpected memory from yesteryear swept me back to that sultry summer’s day when I realized that my little boy wasn’t ever going to be little again…

I’m over at The M.O.M. Initiative telling about the day I realized that little boys won’t stay little and sharing how screaming toddlers, Scooby Doo bubble bath and men’s deodorant can spur a mama to prayer in the local discount store.

Hope you’ll join me there for a little laughter and inspiration at the end of this long week.


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