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Speaking Topics

“Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”Alicia Bruxvoort
                                     -Matthew 12:34


For over a dozen years, I’ve had the privilege of splashing women with the refreshing truth of God’s Word.

As a frequent speaker at moms’ groups, Bible studies, women’s retreats, mother-daughter events and holiday celebrations, my speaking experience is as varied and colorful as the thousands of beautiful women I’ve served.

I am a storyteller at heart.

And I’m crazy about the Author of Life.

I believe that you and I have been invited into the greatest story ever told. All we have to do is surrender the pen and let Jesus script the pages we’re living.

As we do, I think we’ll discover drizzles of hope and drops of grace that can infuse our tales of ordinary life with splatters of extraordinary joy.

If you are interested in having me speak at a special event, I’d love to discuss the possibility with you!

Whether you need one presentation for a special banquet or a steady stream of inspiration for a weekend retreat, I’d be delighted to work with you to personalize a program for your particular audience.

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Speaking Topics


64 Colors and Counting

Before we have children, our mommy dreams are often painted in brilliant color. But when diapers and dishes, dirt and discipline become our daily reality, life can feel surprisingly gray. Join me as I share how the Lord used an empty crayon box to restore my colors of contentment and teach me the secret of abundant life in the trenches of toddlers, tantrums and teenagers.


The WOW Factor

If the demands of life have zapped your zeal, then you may need to increase your WOW factor. In this all-time-most-requested-presentation, I’ll help you identify the subtle lies that drain your joy, and equip you with the Biblical truth you need to stop the leak. Get ready to live your life Wholly Overcome with Wonder!


The Upside Down Mom

Turn the word MOM upside down, and what do you have? An undeniable WOW! In this modification of the WOW Factor, we’ll take an honest look at the common joy-busters in a mama’s life, and we’ll discover Biblical solutions for restoring wonder to the daily grind. Get ready to laugh out loud and leave inspired to see all the glory in motherhood’s grit.


An Invitation to Dance

Are you living life like the bride of the King’s only son?  This unforgettable presentation is an invitation to reclaim your identity as Christ’s beloved and to fall in love with your Savior all over again! A powerful call to abundant life for women of all ages and stages.


When the Honeymoon Ends (Staying in Love with Jesus)

Falling in love with Jesus is a miracle, but staying in love is a daily decision. So how does a bride of Christ cling to uncommon love in the midst of her commonplace days? Using the acronym SPARK, I’ll share five practical ways for women to keep fanning their flame of love for the Savior.


The Groom’s Gifts

As the bride of Christ, we’re invited to a wedding shower that never ends! Our Groom is known as the Giver of good gifts, and He doesn’t stop showering us with presents once the honeymoon ends! Join me as we learn how to unwrap those gifts that make our lives a daily adventure in joy.


All I want for Christmas is a New Pair of Eyes (The Kind that See the Marvelous)

What do bulging bellies, bright red lingerie, and copper coins have to do with Christmas? You’ll have to listen to this one-of-a-kind holiday talk to know the answer. If the nativity story has grown ordinary, then this presentation is the perfect gift for you. We’ll peer at the reason for the season through a new pair of eyes, and discover five simple ways to rekindle the awe of our Savior’s birth. Don’t be too busy to miss this one!


The Secret to Growing a Happy Husband

Let’s be honest: children flip a marriage upside down. Candlelight dinners are trumped by Happy Meals, moonlit walks are replaced with midnight feedings, and that sexy lingerie gets lost beneath the nursing bras. Join me for an honest conversation about how to keep pouring into our marriages even when the kids are draining us dry.


Digging for Treasure in the Diaper Pail

If motherhood were a color, it might be plain old brown. After all, there’s an awful lot of muck and mess to parenthood. However, buried right beneath all the daily drudgery are jewels of joy and nuggets of hope. All we need to do is develop eyes to see the beauty in the brown! This talk is for moms in the trenches who need a little inspiration to savor the present, even when it doesn’t fee like a gift.


The Hammock

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a double hammock with a sweet note attached that read: “Wishing you many years of swaying to the rhythm of love.” When we finally had two trees in our yard strong enough to hold those rainbow ropes, we were the parents of five kids who didn’t know how to relax and sway. Our tribe turned that hammock into a tree swing, and soon all that remained of our special gift was a tattered rope and a deep white scar on the trunk of our tree. Quite simply, a hammock isn’t created for constant motion. And neither are we. If you’re feeling worn and tattered, tired of living your life in constant motion, then perhaps it’s time to heed the lesson of the hammock. Join me for a practical and delightful look at the often-misunderstood gift of Sabbath. And discover how learning to rest in God can lead us to the rest of God. A powerful talk that can be combined with prayer stations, small group activities, or a spa-style retreat for a day of rest and rejuvenation.


Mommy’s Play Book

Every mama knows that playing too many games of Candyland in a row can make a woman want to gorge herself with chocolate from the Hot Fudge Mountain and throw Princess Lollipop out the window. So, if play is the ultimate gift of childhood, why can it feel so difficult to unwrap? Join me in an innovative look at the three ps of play: the privilege, the power and the possibilities. Learn the secret to using play as a tool for redeeming time, rather than as a means of passing time. And discover simple, and inexpensive ways to grow creative children. Part lecture, part lab, this much-requested MOPS favorite will inspire moms to add some fun to their days and some passion to their play.


I Used to Have a Name besides Mommy!

Do you ever feel like you lost more than your waistline when you had a child? Do you ever miss the woman you were before you were called Mommy? Discover the royal you beneath all that mom, and learn how to live out your rightful identity even when the only throne in your life is the porcelain one that hosts potty training disasters. A must for moms in the trenches!


The Empty Box Syndrome

If you’ve ever wondered how your heart could feel empty when your hands are so full, then perhaps you’re suffering from a common side-effect of motherhood: the empty-box-syndrome.
Emp.ty Box Syn.drome n.

  1. A swelling of dissatisfaction in the soul, characterized by feelings of discouragement and unfulfilled longing.
  2. An emotional state devoid of vibrant color; a bankrupt spirit.
  3. A heart condition resembling an empty Crayon box.

This talk will help you identify some of the misconceptions of motherhood that lead to dissatisfaction and discouragement. It’s an invitation to trade all that emptiness in your soul for life overflowing! (John 10:10)


Motherhood Rocks!

Discover how collecting rocks can magnify God’s presence and pave a path for Him to enter into our everyday lives. Learn from Joshua 4 how the simple habits of remembering can bridge the gap between today’s uncertainties and tomorrow’s promises. A presentation filled with practical ideas for growing family faith.


Drinking from Daddy’s Cup

The greatest paradox of motherhood is that it is both energizing and draining. Loving our children can fill us with wonder or drain our delight. Learn the secret to drinking from Daddy’s cup and you’ll never settle for living on empty again!


Confessions of a Retired Potter

Have you been telling the Potter how to shape His clay? Discover the joy of partnering with the Lord to raise our children according to their God-given design, and get ready to glimpse His masterpieces in the making! An enduring favorite for moms in all seasons of parenting.


Heart Housecleaning

Learn how to spring clean your soul as we explore what it means to “de-clutter” our spiritual closets. Discover how to clear the pathways of your life to give the Word of God “plenty of room to roam.” Based on Colossians 3:16. For any woman who wants a sparkling heart and thriving faith!


Real Princesses Wear Plum

Disney’s divas may wear pink, but real princesses wear plum. Join me as we slip into something purple, and discover how God’s girls can clothe themselves in…
Praise; develop eyes that
Look for Jesus; delight in their own
Uniqueness; and
Make room for the truth to reign.
Perfect for girls’ retreats or mother-daughter events!


Whether we talk about it out loud or not, most of us live with the nagging fear that we’re just not enough. We can’t love enough, pray enough, give enough to the guarantee our children will “turn out right.” But we CAN bank our lives on the One who is enough. This talk invites moms to view their gaps as places where Jesus can shine brightly. Using the Bible story of Joshua and Caleb claiming their inheritance in the Promised Land, we will explore how to live with conquering faith and parent with strength despite our own weaknesses. 

Small Things

Being a mom is a big job ,but sometimes the reality of a mother’s daily grind can feel small. How does a mom grow a big passion for the small things in her life? Join Alicia as she challenges moms to do small things with great love and to discover the big joy that can be found in the little moments of an ordinary day.