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The Mom Initiative: For the Mom Who Feels Like She’s Losing Her Marbles

Back when I was a mom of two tiny ones, I vowed that I would never be that woman who whittled away the years just waiting for the day her last baby would go to kindergarten. Of course, at the time, I had no idea then just how difficult it would be to keep that […]

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upside down

OOPS!! What do you get when a word-weaving mama is dangling on the edge of craziness… stirring soup, practicing spelling words, running around the house looking for ballet shoes and trying to save a half-written blog post? You get a mixed up mess! I’m afraid that an incomplete blog post made it to your inbox […]

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When You Forget Who You Are

When my firstborn was just a toddler, we often began our dinnertime routine with a silly game. “Whose boy are you?” I’d ask my son as we gathered round the table when Daddy got home. The answer changed from night to night, but Luke’s irrepressible delight did not.Baby blues ablaze, he loved to hold us […]

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