The Overflow! where souls are filled and faith is spilled

A Mother’s Prayer

I wrote this prayer a decade ago as a mother of one.  It was the cry of my heart then and it remains so today. I long to be a mother whose humble life in the diaper pail points my children to Jesus.     A Mother’s Prayer       As the sun beckons […]

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Haiti’s Miracle

Over the past week our little commuity in the heart of the Midwest has had the privilege of celebrating first-hand a God-sized miracle.  Out of the tragedy and devastation of Haiti’s horrific destruction has come a story that only the Author of Life Himself could have scripted. The details of the story are vast and remrkable, […]

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A Brother’s Prayer

  We celebrated “Tractor Boy’s” birthday this week.  Named Joshua David at birth, my self-proclaimed farmer marked his special day with-you guessed it- a green tractor cake and plenty of gifts that bore the same color.  As the school kids were shoveling down breakfast on Joshua’s birthday morning, I looked at the clock and realized […]

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