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Funny Feet and Tired Toes

One of the highlights of my kindergartener’s week is meeting the LETTER PEOPLE.  These ingenious little alphabet personalities have been around for decades. Each week an inflatable character in the shape of a letter shows up to teach pre-readers the appropriate sound and shape of that particular consonant or vowel.  WHile much has changed in […]

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Sometimes finding the “treasure” in my day is difficult; like God is speaking in something softer than a whisper; other times, the nuggets of truth are so bold that it seems the Lord is yelling in my ear. Today over our lunch hour, God did a bit of “holy hollering” as He spoke clearly through […]

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Why I’m Thankful for Cool Whip (or why I don’t bake from scratch!)

We’ve got a neighborhood picnic this evening; a chance for the busy families in our small culdesac to extend relationship beyond a mailbox greeting. There will be plenty of food and a warm campfire for roasting over. And there will be all kinds of clever and beautiful dishes created by the empty-nesters that live on […]

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